How to add a glossary

Do you have a complicated video with lots of technical terms or industry jargon? Or maybe your video just has a lot going on (different speakers, chaotic environment) and you want to make sure the captions are completely accurate? Add a transcript, glossary, or vocabulary list to your caption order! Our captioning specialists are always happy to help ensure the best possible captions for you by making use of any resources you can offer.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply go through the ordering process like normal. After you upload your files, there is a menu called ‘optional information’ (it’s under the ‘output file formats’ drop-down.) Simply click the plus sign, then click the button that says ‘Add reference files.’ Here, you can upload text or MS Office documents with any additional information you think our captioning specialists could use, such as glossaries or transcripts. It’s easy, and it helps us get your captions back to you more quickly and accurately.

Best of all, just like your videos, you can upload documents from your computer, through FTP, or from your cloud storage at Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Click the red ‘upload’ button when you’re done and then finish up your order. Piece of cake!

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