Saving your credit card

There are two ways to add a credit card to your account for convenient, easy payments.

When you’re placing a caption order, you may save your credit card information after you input it to pay for your order. This gives you the convenience of not having to type your credit card information in each time you place an order.

Simply check the box that says ‘store credit card info for future orders’ after you put your credit card info into the system and we’ll keep that card on file.



You can also add a credit card to your Rev account in the settings menu. If you look at the top right of your screen on, move your mouse over where it says ‘Hello, *your name here*’ and click on settings.

Scroll down to ‘payment settings’ and there is a field for credit card info. Click the link to add a credit card.



Once you’ve added your card you’ll never have to type it all out again (or at least not until you get a new one!)

Also, if you’re using Rev for business, consider setting up an Enterprise Account. One of the benefits of this type of account is it allows you to be billed each month for your Rev orders and you can just pay the invoice. Many of our business and institutional clients prefer this method.



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