Ensemble: Create a non-LDAP Ensemble Account

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If you're using an LDAP login for Ensemble, you'll need to create a non-LDAP login to use the Rev/Ensemble integration, following the steps below. If you need help, please email support@rev.com.

1) Create a new Ensemble user

Please note: you must be an Ensemble Administrator to perform this action. 

When logged in to Ensemble, use the left navigation bar and click Administration --> Organization --> Users. 

Then click the "+Add" button at the top of the list of users. 

2) Set appropriate permissions for new user 

When creating the new user, be sure to set Identity Provider as "Ensemble Account"

If you want this new user to have access to all videos in your system, set Role as Administrator (or whatever level of access would allow the new user to see the appropriate videos). 

Click Save to create the new user. 

Once the new user is created, start the process by connecting Rev to the new Ensemble account

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