KMC - Order Captions

Below are the steps you need to take in order to use our Rev / KMC integration.

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1. Create a “Rev” Category

In KMC, go to the Content tab, then the Categories tab. In the upper left side of the screen you’ll see a green button to “Add Category”.


Name the new Category “Rev” and then select the parent category under which the new category will appear.  If you're looking for a sub-category within a parent category, then click the arrow next to the parent category and it will show you the subcategories for that parent.

2. Start tagging your videos with the “Rev” Category

Go to the Content tab, then the Entries tab and select a video. 

Type “Rev” in the Category box and click on “Rev” in the dropdown option. Click on Save in the upper right.  You're all set.  Kaltura will look for new orders at the 15 minute mark every hour.

Once the video has been received by Rev, it will create a Sub-Category called "Rev - Captioning." 

Once the order has been completed and the caption file has been uploaded, it will be moved to the "Rev - Completed" Sub-Category. 



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