Using a Footpedal with Rev's Pedal Connect (Windows)

Foot Pedal Instructions

UPDATE: Using footpedals with Rev is now a lot easier. Introducing Rev's own Pedal Connect software that makes the process a lot easier.

To setup your footpedal to work with the Rev’s Editor, you'll need to download our Pedal Connect application, install it, and make sure it is running while using the editor. From there, you can customize what the different buttons do within the footpedal controls menu. 

Don't have one yet? We recommend the Infinity or AltoEdge footpedals.


Pedal Connect Setup Instructions - for Windows computers

Instructions for Mac OS X (using 3rd party software) are available in this article.

  1. Within the Editor go to the top Editor Help -> Footpedal Controls -> Download Pedal Connect button.

  2. Open your download folder and open the installer. Click through the installer.
    If there are any security warnings, indicate you trust the publisher of the software (we built it entirely in-house). If it asks to install a supporting file (if your computer doesn't have .NET support) accept this as well. 

  3. Click on the toolbar logo ("R" with either a green check or yellow exclamation). If you don't see it, click the up arrow for more. If you still don't see it, go to START - search for Pedal Connect.

  4. If your pedal is plugged in and recognized - you should see an OK at the top of the application. Step on the buttons & confirm the application sees them.

  5. Trouble? Trying plugging it in again, try quitting the application and re-launching Pedal Connect. If Pedable is running, it will ask you to quit that program (Pedal Connect will not mess up your installment of other applications that work with programs like ExpressScribe).

  6. Click "Try & Configure in Editor" button. This launches an editor with no job. Try the pedal buttons and make sure they function as expected.

  7. Optional: Customize the buttons! In the Editor Help -> Footpedal Controls you can change what the various buttons do:


As any piece of software, it is not perfect. We want to know if you encounter problems or bugs. Send them to me and let me know the scenario (what operating system, what browser, what other programs you are trying to run at the same time).

Common Questions:

Q: Is the application safe?
A: If you get a warning that this is a program from the internet (& "do you trust it?"), YES it is all built 100% in house by the team at Rev. We are hosting the file on our server which is controlled by amazon if you see a notice about that. Also, we've tested it on many computers and haven't seen it cause any real problems.

Q: I've already set up Pedable and it works fine - do I need to change to Pedal Connect?
A: NO, this is an alternative. There were lots of Revvers that had trouble with Pedable, this was made primarily to help them. IF you want to use Pedable with another program and Pedal Connect with the Rev Editor, this is also a good reason to switch between the two.

Q: I restarted and don't see the "R" logo in my toolbar. I can't figure out how to start it again.
A: It depends a bit on the operating system, but if you go to the START menu, then click the find button and type in "Pedal Connect" it should come up quickly. Then it will appear in the toolbar. Note: sometimes you have to hit that little up arrow to see more logos.

Q: It's not working!
A: Make sure Pedal Connect is running and has that little green check mark. If it is a yellow exclamation point, click it to see what the issue is.

Q: It's still not working!
A: Try to plug in your footpedal again. Then try to right-click the logo in the toolbar and exit the program. Start it again and see if that fixes it. IF not, please send us a note with your footpedal brand/model, the operating system, and browser you use.

Q: Any other known issues?
A: We had one tester who had a text completion program called Phrase Express that seemed to create some funny behavior. If you find any others, we want to know!

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