What Does it Take to be a Great Transcriptionist with Rev?

Being a great transcriptionist is more than being a fast typist. There are key skills involved. Our top transcriptionists all agree that the skills listed below are vital in producing quality transcripts.


By having "good ears", you can help identify portions of the audio that are not as clear as other areas. This may be due to background noise, cross talking, or just poor microphone placement. Paying close attention and listening to all that is recorded on the audio, will help ensure that the finished transcript is complete & accurate.


Believe it or not, Google can be a transcriptionist's best friend. You may find yourself transcribing an audio file that contains unfamiliar words, proper nouns, or phrases that you are not familiar with. A quick internet search can make sure that you are using the correct words and terminology.


Every great transcriptionist knows the importance of punctuation. By reviewing your work before you submit your final transcript, you can check to make sure that your punctuation is correct and your transcript reads clearly.



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