What File Format Should My Completed Translations be Delivered in?

Please provide ALL projects in editable Word format, regardless of business or certified project specifications. Our system will intuitively convert certified projects to PDF format upon delivery to the customer, so that there is no need to spend your valuable time on messy conversions.

The exception to this rule, is when a customer specifically requests a different file type for BUSINESS projects ONLY. For example, on a business project, a customer may provide an MS Excel file with a blank translations column, and a column of source phrases, and ask that we translate the phrases directly into the translations column; or provide an editable Powerpoint presentation and ask that we translate within the Powerpoint file directly.

Again, these exceptions apply to business projects ONLY. Certified translations are only deliverable to the customer in PDF format, and should be submitted only in DOCX format to ensure a seamless conversion to PDF.

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