How Orders are Priced

We understand that your time and knowledge are valuable commodities and we make every effort possible to ensure that our projects are priced and paid fairly. Our aim is to pay commensurately for the time and attention required for each translation, based on the content. A member of the support team personally reviews every single translation project before it is released to the translators, and gives their best overall evaluation of the document(s), and order details to make sure that the customer was charged fairly, and that there is nothing that needs to be addressed prior to translation.

We define one page as one sided, standard 8.5 x 11 dimensions or smaller, and 250 words/numbers or less. This means that if a single page exceeds our 250 word limit, it will be considered two pages in most cases (rare exceptions to this rule include common certificates for which our translators use a standard template). Please note that in the case of smaller booklets, or cards, we will consider two small pages together to be one whole page (for example, both the front and back sides to an ID card, or passport would be considered one page).

Once support has confirmed that the customer has been charged appropriately and determined that the project is ready for translation, they will then “screen” the document(s). At this point, support will do their best assessment of 3 key areas - word density, technicality, and formatting. Support inputs a “high,” “medium,” or “low” designation for each of these factors, and the combination of these entries are used to automatically formulate the translation rate. If you find a project that you feel is underpriced, please see our Help Center article regarding underpricing available here.

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