What Are the Differences Between Certified and Business Translations?

We provide two types of translations: Certified and Business.

Certified Translations

Our certified translations guarantee the translation's acceptance by all US authorities, excluding the DMV (or other Drivers Servicing Departments), and offer a money-back guarantee in the case of rejection. We certify our translations on behalf of you, our translators, so that personal details such as your name and other information never need be disclosed to the customer. The certification page includes our statement confirming your expertise as a translator, and the accuracy of the translation, our ATA member seal, and a digital signature from a representative of our company, all on our Rev letterhead. 

Certified translations should always be completed on a Rev certification template in whatever language the project has been translated to, i.e., an English to Spanish order, should include a certification template in Spanish. 

Certified translations projects are assessed and paid to translators on a PER PAGE basis.

Business Translations

Our business translations do not include our business letterhead, nor our certification, and are delivered to the customer in an editable MS Word format so that they can edit at their own discretion. Our business translations are not guaranteed for acceptance by authorities. Business translation projects are assessed and paid to translators on a PER WORD basis.


Please note that all ALL projects should be submitted in editable Word format, both business and certified alike. Our system will intuitively convert certified projects to PDF format upon delivery to the customer, so that there is no need to spend your valuable time on messy conversions.

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