What and How Will I be Paid?

Our projects pay up to $18 per page (considering a page to be no more than 250 words), or up to $0.09 per word, depending on the language pairing, project details and translation requirements (such as word density, technicality and formatting). 

Aside from our competitive pay rates, our unique business model allows translators a wide variety of invaluable secondary benefits. To name a few, translators are able to work comfortably from home and mantain complete control over their work schedule, how much or how little and when they claim projects, and what projects they choose to translate (we do not direct-assign and translators are able to preview all documents before committing). Our incredible support team efficiently "pre-screens" all projects for any issues prior to sending them for translation and handles all customer communications so that our translators can focus on what it is they do best - translating!

We pay on a weekly schedule, with payouts made every Monday via Paypal. Our payweek runs Sunday through Saturday, with the cut off time being 11:59pm GMT (Greenwich mean time). Projects completed before the Saturday cut off time will be paid out on the Monday immediately following. 

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