What Sort of Time Commitment & Schedule Do I Need to Have?

You work when you want to work. Period.

One of the many perks of being a freelancer with Rev is that you are in charge of when you work with us. We do not require you to work any "set" schedule or a specific number of hours.  We encourage all of our freelancers to work at their convenience, when they are available to do so.  

There is no penalty for taking time off for vacations or any other personal needs.  

We just ask that, when you commit to a project, that you are able to complete it within the specified deadline.  

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    Stephanie Rambo

    I can't seem to get out of the tutorial. I have gone through each aspect of the tutorial several times, refreshed my browser more than once, switched browsers, cleared by cache and history, etc and I am stuck on the editing tool tutorial. I have finished all other parts and have transcribed the tutorial in its entirety using the editing tool five times, yet I can't claim a job because I keept getting the message that I need to finish all parts of the tutorial. Help! I really want to get started and begin working. Thank you... Steph sbrsbr1025@gmail.com

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    Tammy Starforth

    I was just offered a work from home job that pays $9. If I were to try this out and not like it, would I be able to come back to Rev and continue where I left off?

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    Paige Thompson

    Tammy Starforth, yes! I just did my first transcription job in MONTHS yesterday and all was fine! Good luck on your new job!

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    Ameerah Pearman

    My transcription privileges were revoked and I don't know why. Please contact me immediately. I've been sick and this is the only income I have.

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