How Do I Advance?

Rev rewards good work! Below you will find a breakdown of the three tiers we offer our transcriptionists.


Rookie Level

When you first start, you will be at our Rookie level. As a Rookie, your first 45 minutes of work will be reviewed and graded by our review team.

You will be able to work on shorter transcription projects.

You will be able to see the grader's feedback and learn how to transcribe with Rev.


Revver Level

If you meet the requirements, you will be promoted to our Revver level. As a Revver, you will earn 25% more per audio minute than Rookies.

You will be able to work on any transcription project you want.

You will receive ongoing feedback on a subset of your work.


Revver+ Level

On top of all of the perks from being  at Revver level, you will:

Be able to claim new transcription projects before Revvers.

Be eligible to take our grading test. If you pass this test, you will be paid to rate the work of others.

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