Does Anyone Review My Work Before it's Sent to the Customer?

Projects do not receive any additional review by another translator, nor support, before delivery to the customer. Translators are responsible for submitting client-ready work at the time that a project is submitted.

With the exception of rare instances having specific circumstances where support may make the decision to have a particular project reviewed, projects are delivered straight to the customer from the translator.

It is vital that any questions or concerns are addressed before submitting the project, as we have much more limited recourse available to us once a project has been completed and delivered. If there is any discrepancy or issue that is limiting your ability to complete a high-quality, client-ready translation, please submit a support request so it can addressed prior to submission.

We expect that as a translator you are reviewing your own work to the best of your abilities and ensuring that all translations submitted are 100% client-ready.

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