Are There Fees Involved?


Absolutely NOT!

One of the best things about working with Rev is there is NO upfront cost to you.

There are absolutely no setup costs, hidden fees, or whatever else other companies may call them.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection! Even our Transcription Editor is free to use and customizable to accommodate your preferences.

Simply put, we pay YOU for the work you perform! 

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    Pauline Downey

    Hello. I'm currently a Rookie Rev Captioner and do transcription work for a company. I've been doing transcription off and on, but mostly, on for 15 years now. I'm trying to determine if it's earnings-worthy to switch to Rev for transcription to. Is there any way you can guesstimate what an experienced transcriptionist would make per hour with Rev? If not, is there a transcriptionist speed-growth chart similar to the one that's provided for captioning? I mean the one that says something like after so many hours of video, it'll take you so many minutes of captioning per minute of video. That could help me figure it out. Thanks! Happy Thursday.

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