How and When Do I Get Paid?


* We pay via PayPal. Visit their site to sign up for a free account, if you don't have one already.
* We pay in U.S. Dollars (USD).
* No invoicing required, we send payment to you, with no fees.
* Sharing a Paypal account with a spouse or partner is allowed.


* Payments are sent every Monday for work completed the prior week.
* A week is defined as Sunday 00:00 GMT to Saturday 23:59 GMT.
*The exact timing of the payments on Monday can vary slightly; usually the payment is made between 20:00 GMT and 23:30 GMT.




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  • Avatar
    Linda Brewster

    I've submitted 2 caption jobs this week. I'm a very new, so still learning the ropes. However, only 1 of my projects is showing in my work for payment. Why?

  • Avatar
    Amber Thompson

    Linda, is this site real? or is this a scam???

  • Avatar
    Emily Bourlon

    its not a scam, it really works. you get paid for the transcribing you do

  • Avatar
    Robyn Hartling

    Yeah if the graders do their job and actually grade shit instead of leaving it to sit for a week. And that's why only one shows up for you Linda, because someone else has failed to do their significantly easier job than what we do and grade the work. Pretty ridiculous.

  • Avatar
    Kristi Gutknecht

    Why don't you use direct deposit?

  • Avatar
    Destiny Kaiser

    It's Monday and my prior week has not paid into my PayPal? Help?

  • Avatar
    Angela B.

    Payment can take up to 5pm PST on Mondays.

    If there are any payment issues after that, please email

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