Factors That Can Influence Turnaround Times

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We understand how important deadlines are. While our turnaround times aren't guaranteed, we make every effort to get your order back to you by the estimate that was given at checkout. If your order is taking longer than anticipated, it may be due one of the following:


File length

Our turnaround estimate is for clearly recorded files that are less than 30 minutes in length. If your file is longer than 30 minutes, it may take longer to complete.


Audio quality

Recording quality greatly impacts turnaround time. Sometimes a recording isn't able to be done in ideal conditions, and factors such as background noise, static, low volume, heavy crosstalk, and other audio challenges can factor in. Our team strives to deliver accurate files for these recordings, and that does mean it may take a bit more time.


Challenging content

If your file contains a lot of niche terminology, it might take longer to research to ensure the content is being accurately captured. Our glossary feature is a great option for these types of files and can really help speed up the turnaround time. Glossaries can be added during the checkout process.



The majority of our team is based in North America, so files that are heavily accented might take longer to complete.


English file creation for Global Subtitles orders

If we're also creating the English captions as a part of your subtitle order, these must be done prior to any translation work. In the future, if you have an English SRT file available, we encourage you to include this at checkout to help speed turnaround.


My file doesn't meet those criteria. Is something else going on?

We would be glad to check in on your individual order for you! Please contact our support team at support@rev.com or via live chat by clicking on the help button on the bottom right of this page and we can give you an update on the current status of your order.

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