Transcript Summaries

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Rev's enterprise clients and Rev Max customers can now access transcript summaries through a desktop or mobile browser. We've set up a guide here for you to access this feature: 


Steps to generate and access your transcript summary

1. Open your transcript from your My Files page.


2. Above the transcript, locate the "Get Summary" button. Please note that a summary is NOT created by default. 


3. Click on the "Get Summary" option. The generation process may take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the length of the full transcript. 


4. Once the summary is generated, you will have several options:

          a. Share the summary along with your transcript.

          b. Copy the summary to your clipboard. 

          c. Provide feedback on the accuracy of the summary. 




Please keep the following in mind while using this feature: 

  • Transcript summaries are not available for download. 
  • Once a transcript summary is generated, it will appear with the transcript to whoever has the share link. 
  • Transcript summaries can be minimized, but not deleted. 
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