AI Transcript Assistant: Transcript Summaries and Chat

Have more questions? Submit a request customers can now access the AI Transcript Assistant through a desktop or mobile browser. We’ve merged the power of transcript summaries with an intuitive AI Assistant. Quickly generate a summary of your transcript and discover actionable insights. This is a guide to help you access those features. 


Steps to generate and access your transcript summary

1. Open your transcript from your Workspaces page.


2. Above the transcript, locate the "Get Summary" button. Please note that a summary is NOT created by default. 


3. Click on the "Get Summary" option. The generation process may take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the length of the full transcript. 


4. Once the summary is generated, you will have several options:

          a. Share the summary along with your transcript.

          b. Copy the summary to your clipboard. 

          c. Provide feedback on the accuracy of the summary.

          d. Regenerate the summary using the circle arrow

          d. Ask a follow-up question about your transcript to the AI Transcript Assistant




Using AI Transcript Assistant

There are two ways to access AI Transcript: 


  1. Accessing from Transcript Summary: If you've generated a transcript summary, simply click on the "Ask a follow-up" button. This action will take you directly to the AI Transcript Assistant's chat interface.


  1. Independent Access: Access the AI Transcript Assistant directly as a stand-alone tool to assist you with your transcript needs, located in the bottom right-hand corner of your transcript editor. 



Some examples to spark inspiration: 

  • Human-like Responses: The AI Transcript Assistant provides intuitive, human-like responses based on your questions and prompts. It aims to make your transcript review process smoother and more efficient, while also aiding in content creation.
  • Uncover key points and topics to be translated into action items or high-level recaps and knowledge transfers.
  • Pull quotes and highlights to incorporate into presentations, case studies, articles, and other proof of concept materials.
  • Identify recurring themes and main ideas that can be transformed into goals, focus statements, issue identification, or content headlines.
  • Compile quantitative data on the transcript and transcript summary like the number of participants, and analytics for any numerical information included in the transcript text file.
  • Broadcast a uniform, accurate message across a variety of marketing channels, including websites, social media, blogs, and more.
  • Create actionable, relevant content based on topics and key points uncovered by AI Transcript Assistant.
  • Pinpoint strategies and guidelines for product marketing, brand, or messaging, building the ideal narrative to engage the desired audience.




Please keep the following in mind while using these feature

  • Transcript summaries are not available for download. 
  • Once a transcript summary is generated, it will appear with the transcript to whoever has the share link. 
  • Transcript summaries can be minimized, but not deleted. 
  • When sharing the transcript, users will be able to see the summary 
  • There is no limit to questions you can ask the AI assistant. 
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