What languages are offered on Rev Max?

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As a subscriber of Rev Max, you can submit non-English audio/video files for our AI transcription service.  

Here is a list of the languages we offer:

Arabic  Farsi Indonesian Norwegian Swedish
Bulgarian Finnish  Italian Polish Tamil
Catalan French Japanese Portuguese Telegu
Croatian German Korean Romanian Turkish
Czech Greek Latvian Russian   
Danish Hebrew Lithuanian Slovak  
Dutch Hindi Malay Slovenian  
English Hungarian Mandarin Spanish  


Please note that at this time, we only offer single language selection. Mixed language files may only transcribe one language or transcribe with errors. 

How do I change my language to place an order? 

From your Rev Max Homescreen or My Files, in the left-hand column at the bottom, you will see your AI Transcription Settings. Under Language, there is a drop-down menu you can access by selecting the down arrow. Scroll with the sidebar to the language spoken in your audio/video file to make your selection. You may then proceed as normal to place your order with this language selection in place. 

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To subscribe to Rev Max visit the Rev Max Sign Up page to start your 14-day free trial, today! 

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