How Do I Download Burned-In Captions?

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How do I download my video with burned-in captions?

If you've placed an order for burned-in captions, once your order has been completed, you can review, customize, or reprocess your burned-in captions video by following these steps:

  • Select your file from your Workspace page to open it up in our Customer Editor
  • Review your captions and, if necessary, make changes (if no changes are needed, you can skip to the next step)
  • Click on the download button in the top right of the Customer Editor
  • Remove the SRT option from the popup so that only "video" remains
  • Click "next"

This will take you to the burned-in captions customization options. Once you're done making your changes, click on Generate Video to reprocess the burn-in captions.
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The burned-in video will not be downloaded instantaneously like the other caption output formats; instead, you will be notified via email once your burned-in video is ready, which takes roughly one-fifth of the length of the video (i.e. a 10-minute video may take about 2 minutes to burn the captions in).

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