How Do I Fix Issues with the Rev Call Recorder?

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Troubleshooting Tips for the Rev Call Recorder

Are you having trouble recording a call using the instructions for our Call Recorder App?

  • Please ensure that your number is verified within the app. If you do not verify your number in the app, you won't be able to complete any calls. You may verify your phone number by selecting the gear icon at the top right of the Apps homepage, then scroll down to the section titled “General” and select “Verify Number."
  • The app is intended for calls made within the US and Canada only at this time (+1 Country code). If you are attempting to dial a number outside of the US this may result in the inability to record your phone call
  • If your iPhone settings are set to hide your Caller ID, you may not be able to record your call successfully. This makes it so our phone line is not able to associate your call with your registered number and have it stored within your App. To check this, you can go to your iPhone Settings > Phone and select Show My Caller ID. This needs to be set to on.
  • Additionally, you will want to make sure that the person you are calling does not have a spam blocker installed on their device. This can prevent our recording line from successfully merging and recording your call.
  • Do you hear an error message similar to “This call cannot be completed?" This error message you hear may be due to an overloaded network. Networks can be overloaded at a high traffic time of day. Please hang up and attempt the call again. 

How do I turn off the automated notification that “This call is being recorded?”

  • We do have a feature under the Apps settings that allows for 2-party Legal Disclosure to be disabled. First, tap the Green gliding icon under “About." A box will appear stating the following:
    • “DISCLOSURE OFF - By disabling the call recording notification announcement, you agree to provide an oral legal disclosure that the call is being recorded at the commencement of each call, and to indemnify Rev from and against any actions taken by you in violation of applicable law."
    • Select “I agree” to move forward. If you are not able to toggle this 2-Party Legal Disclosure, you may be located in a state which requires 2 Party Consent.

Help! I accidentally deleted a recording! Can you please recover this for me?

If you have accidentally deleted a recording, Customer support may be able to recover this for you. Please note that recordings are automatically purged from our systems within 7 days of deletion. Recordings are stored up to 14 days within our system from the date of the recordings completion. Deletion of the App results in deletion of your recordings. Reinstalling the App does not reinstate your recordings.

  • Please gather the following information so that we may narrow down the recording(s) in question:
    • Phone number associated with the Rev Call Recorder app.
    • Phone number dialed.
    • Date and time of the call.
    • Date that you may have deleted your recording
    • Length of the call.
  • After information has been gathered, please reach out to us by Email ( or by Phone (1-888-369-0701 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm EST). 

***For us to release any recovered recordings, we are required to have the customer verify ownership of the phone number used to make the recording by calling the number listed above***

I cannot access my recording that I made, but I see it listed in my App.

  • If you are attempting to access a recording listed in your App, but you run into an error message like “Recording Processing.” Unable to download at this time, please try again in a few minutes” we may be able to recover this call for you. Please refer to the instructions listed above to get in touch with Customer Support regarding your recording.

I just got a new device! Will my recordings transfer to my new phone?

  • Recordings do not transfer from device to device. They live within your App tied to a specific device's memory. If you would like to save recordings from an old device, you may share your recording by selecting the recording of your choice and pressing the share icon on the top right of the page. Using the share icon allows you to save this recording to the My Files section of your iPhone, export via Email or any other file sharing application you may have installed on your device. 


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