How Do I Place a Captions Order?

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How do I order captions?

You can easily place an order for captions by following the steps below.


Select Services



Select Video Captions & Subtitles and then English Closed Captions




Select Caption Your Video



You can choose to either upload your files, paste a URL or pull your file directly from your YouTube or Vimeo account. 



Once your files are uploaded, you can add Premium Captions, Rush or Burned-In Captions to your order by selecting the box next to the add-on service



Here you can also add additional files to your order and see an estimated delivery time based on the length of each file. Once you have reviewed your order, select checkout



Complete your details and select next to create an account. If you already have an account, you can click on sign in.



Choose your payment method, Credit Card or Paypal, and then complete your payment information. You can then click on place order to confirm your order. 



Once you have placed your order, you can provide additional information such as speaker names, glossary terms, and a script. 


You'll receive an email confirming your order and another email once your order is complete. Once your order is complete, you can view, edit and download your captions from within your Rev account. 

Please note, your cart is cached based so it can only be seen from the browser it was uploaded from. You will not be able to see your cart items if you try to access them on another browser or device or if you clear your browser's cache and cookies. 

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